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Remember to always read the readme file. It explains most if not all of the things the apps can do. If anything in them is unclear, feel free to contact me.
Hotfix for HellyExplore, 3.71 Now Available! @ 10-06-2019
There were a few nasty problems with 3.7 if you used multiple folders for movies/series. I have fixed them and it should now all be working properly.

On top of that i added a fix for the serie and movie folders in the home menu. All folders in their respective lists are now bundled into 1 and only a folder with the name Series or Movies is shown. All series and movies will be shown when you open them. Was always intended to be like this, i just forgot to implement it in the previous versions :P.

I also made a quick fix for the movie navigation, further improving the whole thing once again. Hopefully for the last time. If not, be sure to let me know.

NOTE: These fixes have not gone through extensive testing, i don't use multiple folders for movies/series myself so i can't test this. I usually test the fixes myself for a week before putting the program up for download. Hopefully they work, if not, expect another update soon :P.
HellyExplore 3.7 is here! @ 30-05-2019
Here's version 3.7.

More fixes, more improvements, more everything. Both movies and tv-shows are once again working the same way. Might be a fraction slower sometimes but it's working better overall.

The next version will be 4.0. I will be adding features such as the following:

- Dark mode, instead of the white background there is now it will be almost black. Better for tv's and monitors and better for your eye's ;).

- Support for higher resolutions (1440p, 2160p). The program doesn't scale at the moment, that will change in the next version.

- Search modes for TV-shows. Same as with the movies.

- I will be adding a clock in the main menu. I'm wondering about the time sometimes and wished there was a clock in the program, so i'm adding one.

- A counter for how many TV-shows and movies there currently are in the database. I wonder about it sometimes, so i want to know.

Have idea's for things to add? Let me know!